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Bona Hardwood Floor Polish 32oz. - Durable Urethane Acrylic Blend

Will ruin your floors

Do not use this product unless you want to ruin your floors. I used this and at first it looked nice and shiny, after a few hours, my brand new prefinished floors turned ORANGE!!!!! I have no idea how the heck this could have happened, as there was nothing else on the floor and it was just cleaned with water but my brand new expensive floors are ruined. I'm too upset to try to find a solution right now.

Bona polish

Used this product on cherry hardwood floors. Leaves a white haze on floor that can't be removed without chemicals. Don't buy this product, it is Future floor wax in a $19.95 bottle labeled Bona polish.

Bona low gloss floor polish

Don't use the polish!. It is just awful! I use their cleaner and have been happy with that. I spent several hours applying the polish, thinking I was going to make our new hardwood floors look really I have spent hours trying to remove the dull, streaky, whitish film that the "polish" left behind. Unfortunately, I didn't look at reviews until after the fact. This is a common problem and I don't understand why Bona would continue to make such an inferior product!

Don't buy this product!!

I am paying it forward. I have been using the Bona cleaner for a year now, and it works great. But I picked up the polish at the store thinking it was the same type of product - it says safe for hardwood floors. I used it and a day later, it left white, hazy streaks all over my floor. I of course, freaked out as our floors were very expensive and only a year old! I googled the problem and turns out this has happened to many, many people and apparently Bona knows about this problem, because they have a Polish Remover product, which removes the polish. I bought that, and its taken me three scrubs, and finally the floors are looking back to normal. So, DONT by the product, and if you do and you encounter this problem, dont worry, the polish remover will take it off. But save yourself this unnecessary and time consuming hassle! DONT BUY THE FLOOR POLISH! UPDATE: after going over the floors three to four times with the polish remover and alternating with the cleaner, the polish cane off BUT the floor still had a subtle white haze to it. What removed that final remover is white wine vinegar on a dampened bona pad. Now the floors are finally back to how they looked before the floor polish ruined them!

Love this polish!!

I used this polish on my old 60s floor and they are beautiful! For those people that are experiencing haze, it is not the polish, but maybe something on the floor like soap residue or they are doing too large an area. If you go over the polish right after it has started to dry it might haze. Put it on and don't go back over it. Do smaller sections at a time. My floors look new!!


Today while waiting for my husband to come back from work, I got an idea to try my Bona floor polish on my mahogany fllor as it was sitting on my counter for couple of months. We are still under reno, so I've never had the time for that. Well, such a mistke I've made! It left my floor dull and hazy looking. I tried to wash it and it won't come off. I was about to cry!!! My husband won't be impressed as I thought... Two hours later, after trying everything I had in my kitchen I saw this "safty bolw acid" that we bouht 2 weeks ago at the local proffesional clening store. I remember that sale person told me I could use it dilluded on chrom without turning it black and on other staff. Well I was so desperate that I decided to try. I had alredy diilluted it for a home cleaning purposes, so I just grabed the buttle and sprayed on the small area. I let it on for 10 sec. and started to rub the floor with cloth. I could instntly see the white kind of like wax comming of the floor. Quickly rinsed the cloth and wiped agian just with water. Let it dry and... I could see the beauthiful shine of my floor on the spot when i applied the acid. I will still do a mop pass with vinegar, but I am soooo happy I was able to get it out. I will go to the store and get my money back for this piece of crap. NEVER USE IT!!!

Bona Floor Polish

This is absolutly the BEST product I ever used on my hardwood floors. They look even better than when they were first refinished.


Used on my wood floors, and it RUINED THEM!!! Milky haze with thick splotches of "waxy" buildup. I am sick to my stomach! Spent hours on my hands and knees with scrubbers and White Vinegar in an effort to make it better. Still working...may have to call a professional and spend $1000's for a sanding. Can't believe they sell this product. WORST EVER!!!!!!!

Bona Floor Polish

I had a new wood floor put in because my house flooded and ruined the wood that came with my house. I upgraded the wood I had put in. Today I used Bona Wood Floor cleaner and then 2 hours later I thought I'd use Bona Hardwood Floor Polish sense I am having out of town family over for Thanksgiving. Big mistake! I should have read the reviews for the Bona Hardwood Floor Polish because my new hardwood floor is ruined! It has a terrible white film and I don't know how to fix it! I am sick! I will call Bona tomorrow and hope they can tell me how to fix this problem. DON'T EVER USE IT ON YOUR HARDWOOD FLOOR!!!!!!

Not recommended at all

I'd missed spreading the solution in one spot, now there is a very noticeable puddle of dried polish I can not remove.