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M&Y Flooring Microfiber, Refillable Spray Mop Kit

Refillable spray mop kir

I am going to try this product. According to reviews, it sounds like people are pleased with the product.

M & Y Mop Kit

My parents have this mop and I cannot believe how well it works. It is great because you are able to put in any cleaner you wish and the pads are washable! Cannot wait to get my hands on one.

Better deal than Rubbermaid

I was going to buy the Rubbermaid Reveal mop for $40 with free shipping, but why not save $8?

best deal

I've been shopping for a light weight spray mop for my natural floors, wood and tile, all over town as well as the internet, and this seems the best deal for my money. Not only is it less expensive than the competitor, I can construct new cloths using velcro with my sewing machine. I think it could work well with a scrubbing sort of cloth that was textured. I don't mind having 100 sprays compared to the promised 400 sprays with the other mop. I will be happy with this mop.

M&Y spray mop

I love my spray mop!!! It is so convenient. My floors have never been cleaner. Since it's so easy to use, I mop my floors more often. The best mop I've ever had. I also received excellent customer service when the spray part arrived broken. No questions asked I was immediately sent a new one. Thank you best wood floor.

m&y spray mop kit

it is a good and affordable idea to have a refillable cartridge

M&Y Microfiber Spray Mop

I love this spray mop, because of the liquid cartridge. I use my own cleaners for different floor surfaces. That is very economical way to clean.

Microfiber Spray Mop

We have been using the M&Y Microfiber Spray Floor Mop and really like the way it cleans. We do not have to buy expensive disposable bottles and cartridges any more.

spray floor mop

by far, this is the best spray floor mop i have used. it is easy to assemble and to use as well. there is no need to hold a spray bottle while i mop my floor.

M&Y Spray Floor Mop

this mop is mazing. i can fill the cartridge with any cleaner. i dont have to buy spray cleaner any more. VERY FRUGAL.