Tarkett SureShine Vinyl Floor Polish - Matte Satin Finish, 32 oz
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Protecting your Tarkett hardwood flooring

Keep your Tarkett wood floor looking new by following these easy cleaning steps and protective measures:

1. Frequently sweep, vacuum, or dust mop to remove loose dirt and grit that can be abrasive to your floor.. Never wet or damp mop your wood floor with water or other products.
2. Wipe up spills immediately to prevent excess liquid from damaging the fiber of the wood. Use Tarkett No Wax Floor Cleaner for spot cleaning. Never use wax topical products as they will dull the finish.
3. Clean periodically with Tarkett No Wax Floor Cleaner as instructed. Do not use hardwood floor cleaning machines or steam cleaners.
4. Remove shoes with spiked or damaged heels before walking on floor.
5. Use suitable protective pads under furniture legs Make sure furniture casters are clean and operate properly (a minimum 1" wide vinyl surface at wood contact).
6. Keep pets nails trimmed to minimize scratches.
7. When moving heavy objects, use a a dolly and protective sheets of plywood to protect wood floor. Never slide objects across a wood floor surface.
8. Use area rugs in high traffic areas. Area rugs should be moved periodically to minimize the effects of ultraviolet sunlight.

How to maintain your Tarkett Laminate Floors

Easy to maintain
Tarkett Laminate floors are easy to clean and maintain. For day-to-day maintenance, all you need is a damp mop. For tougher clean-ups, use the
Tarkett SureShine® cleaning solution.

Stubborn Stain Care Guide: Use these smart tips to remove any stain.

Stains: Soft drinks, syrup, wine, milk, juice, coffee, cream, tea, beer, chocolate, fruit, grape juice
Care: Use a damp mop with a neutral floor cleaner such as Tarkett SureShine® Floor Cleaner or a household cleaner in lukewarm water. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
Stains: Ink, ballpoint pen, lipstick
Care: Alcohol or nail polish remover

Stains: Cigarette burns, tar, oil-based paints, heel marks, asphalt, wax, oil, glue, shoe polish
Care: Lighter fluid or nail polish remover

How to maintain your Tarkett Sheet Vinyl Floor and FiberFloor Floor

Routine Maintenance for your Tarkett Sheet Vinyl Floor.
- Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dirt and grit that can abrade or scratch your new floor
- Wipe up all spill promptly and thoroughly with a damp cloth or mop.
- Wash your floor using Tarkett SureShine® Cleaner or a suitable mild detergent
- Mats and Rugs: Non-staining mats are helpful in removing harmful grit at entryways and can help prolong the life of your floor

Cleaning Your New Nafco Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor

All resilient floors need a regular cleaning program to retain a like-new appearance. The type and amount of traffic your floor receives will determine the frequency of maintenance. The following general cleaning requirements are for all NAFCO floors.
• Sweep or vacuum floors daily. This will prevent dirt and grit from being ground into the surface of your floor.
• Damp mop floors with clean water for a light daily touch-up.
• Clean floors weekly (or as needed) with Tarkett Sureshine Cleaner or a general purpose cleaner specifically designed for vinyl flooring. Apply with a sponge mop. After the soil deposits have been loosened, mop up residue. Rinse with a clean mop and water (do not flood the floor with water). Any solution left on the floor will leave it looking dull and will trap dirt on the tile’s surface.

Maintaining Your New Floor

All NAFCO residential floors have a factory applied coating and do not require regular polishing to protect their surface. However, over a period of time, your floor may begin to show a reduction in gloss in high traffic areas. If this occurs, you may restore the gloss by applying 2-3 thin coats of Tarkett SureShine Polish (choose from High Shine or Matte Satin finishes). Apply with a sponge mop; let dry 30 minutes between each coat.

Tarkett No-Wax Wood, Laminate & Vinyl Floor Cleaner (32 oz.)
Tarkett Floor Cleaner (32 oz.) & Microfiber Floor Mop Kit
Tarkett SureShine Vinyl Floor Cleaner (32 oz.)


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