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Mirage Clean Concentrated Hardwood Floor Cleaner (1L)
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Mirage Clean Microfiber Mop Cover Replacement (1)
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Mirage Hardwood Floor Cleaner (1L) - Biodegradable - New Look!
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M&Y Microfiber Spray Floor Mop Kit with Refillable Cleaner Cartridge (A Spray Mop).

Protecting Mercier Hardwood Floor has never been so easy!

Mercier has products specially designed to clean an protect your prefinished floor. Normal maintenance of a prefinished floor is fast and easy. Just follow these two steps.

The best way to protect your wood floors is to vaccum regularly. The vaccum cleaner removes dust and abrasive substances from the surface. If you cannot vaccum, use a broom.

Spray a small quantity of Mercier wood floor cleaner on your Mercier mop (included in Mercier Wood Floor Maintenance Kit) and swab a section of floor in the same direction as the floorboards. Continue until the entire floor is done. Wash mop covers as required.

Never use wax, household dergent, or oil-based soap on the floor. These products may discolor and damage the finish and leave a greasy film, making the floor slippery and difficult to maintain afterwards. The greasy film may also make it impossible to apply a restorer coat.

Mixtures of water and vinegar are not recommended for cleaning prefinished flooring, since vinegar has an oxidizing effect on the finish.

Mirage Clean maintenance products.

The Mirage Clean maintenance kit is specially designed for hardwood floor care. It makes cleaning a breeze. Its gentle cleaner requires no rinsing and leaves no marks or residue behind.

Microfiber mop cover:

- Made of a unique blend of advanced fibers: 50 percent microfiber (polyester) and 50 percent cotton
- Microfiber attracts dust; cotton is ultra-absorbent
- Powerful dirt attraction, absorption, and retention

Ultra-effective cleaner - Mirage Clean Hardwood Floor Cleaner

- Removes dust, grease, dirt, and other residues
- Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
- Non-slip formula
- Delicate green apple fragrance

Efficient mop and handle:

- Telescoping handle and ergonomic mop featuring long, narrow head for those hard-to-reach corners
- Easy-glide mop for hassle-free cleaning

Mirage Hardwood Floor Cleaner (1L)
Mirage Clean Concentrated Hardwood Floor Cleaner (1L)
Mirage Wood Floor Clean kit
Mirage Clean Replacement Mop Cover (1)

Mercier Wood Flooring Cleaner (28 oz.)
Mercier Wood Floor Maintenance Kit


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