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Kahrs Hardwood Floor Care Kit - Cleaner & Floor Mop
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Khars Wood Floor Care Guide

Essentially, keeping up a Kahrs wood floor is not difficult. The steps are simple, painless and take only a fraction of the time it takes to care for wood floors that require wasing (on a regular basis) and sanding and refinishing (on a periodic basis).

Because of Kahrs' computer-applied, UV acrylic urethane finish, you won't need to spend a great deal of time caring for the floor. We've taken care of that for you. But in order to preserve its beauty and durability for years to come and to ensure coverage under Kahrs Lifetime residential Warranty, you should follow these guidelines.

Common Sense Care and Maintenance

Immediately: Blot up spills or spots with a lightly damp (well-wrung) cloth.

Frequently: Vacuum or sweep your floor daily to prevent dirt, dust and grit from scratching or dulling its finish.

Periodically: To help extned the life of a Kahrs floor and to remove all cloudy residue or dulling dirt-film layers, clean it regularly with Kahrs Wood Cleaner. Complete instructions can be found on the label of each bottle of cleaner.

Kahrs Wood Floor Cleaner is specially formulated to clean no-wax wood finishes like Kahrs factory finish. It's a cleaner, not polish, and it contains no waxes or oils. However, since it removes the dulling residue that builds up on the surface of the floor and dries clear with no streaking, it appears to enhance the shine.

Easy and Safe to use in your home! - None-toxic Vapor - Non-flammable - Highly transparent - Extremely effective

Somerset Ultimate Wood Floor Cleaner

Use the Right Cleaning and Maintenance Products:
Make sure you follow all product labels and use only products designed for wood floors. A damp mop may be used for clean-up, but don't use excessive water that can stand on your floor. Sweep, dust-mop or vacuum your floor regularly, but do not use household dusting products, because they can cause your floor to become slick and may damage the finish. The use of Somerset's specially formulated Ultimate Wood Floor Cleaner will ensure that your floor is properly maintained.

Kahrs Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray (Quart)
Kahrs Hardwood Floor Care Kit
Somerset Ultimate Wood Floor Cleaner (32 oz.)


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