Hardwood Floor Protector: Piano/Bed - Small Castor Cups (Caramel CB600)

Manufacturer: Slipstick USA
Model: CB600

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Slipstick Gripper Hardwood Floor Protector: Pianao/Bed/Other heavy furniture; Caramel Color, 4 Caster Cups, 1-3/4in (45mm), CB600
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Protect Your Hardwood Floors!

Also available in chocolate color

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Ultimate Floor Protection.
5 Year Warranty.

The Patented Leg Coaster is designed to hold furniture legs up to (45mm) 1-3/4in diameter. It contains an O'ring specially formulated to PROTECT floors and stop furniture from moving.

Ideal For:
Piano style wheels Set of 4, Slipstick Small Castor Cups
- Provides maximum grip and floor protection.
- Will support up to 250kg (550lb) per cup.
- Recommended to hold a wheel no larger than 45mm – 1 3/4in.

Other Uses:
Can reduce the unsightly dents left in carpets by castor wheels.

CAUTION: Indentations may occur in Cushion Vinyl and Soft Wood floors.

The Original Australian Owned & Designed

The size, the design and the color of the image may not reflect the actual product.

For more information, call 1-866-200-3245 or visit www.slipstick.com.au

Review:   coasters
by on

These are sensational. I've had a friend us them on her wooden floors and I loved them. I am going to be using these on our newly painted cement floors for our piano and kitchen table. Awesome product!!

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