Basic Coatings IFT (Intensive Floor Treatment) Wood Floor Cleaner (1G)

Manufacturer: Basic Coatings
SKU: B1111-4312

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Deep, intensive cleaning.

Removes household waxes, oils and polishes.

Removes dirt and grease in restaurant settings.

Product Type: Professional.

Basic Coatings IFT - Intensive Floor Treatment Wood Floor Cleaner is the first step in a two-part cleaning system designed to prepare floors for the application of Tykote in the Tykote Dustless Recoating System. IFT is a powerful cleaner designed to remove tough oil, dirt, and other residue from the floor. IFT is a vital part of the preparation process and should never be omitted. Recommended for professional use only.

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Direction for Use
1. To prepare the floor for the cleaning process, remove all caked mud, chewing gum, and other debris from the floor. Vacuum the dirt from the floor. Pay special attention to corners.
2. IFT should be diluted using a ratio 4 parts water to 1 part Intensive Floor Treatment.
3. Soak several clean towels in the solution and wring them until nearly dry. Rubber gloves must be worn to protect hands from skin irritation.
4. Wrap a towel around a push broom and tack the floor. To prevent redeposit of dirt and oil, refold towel using clean sides as needed. Pay special attention to corners.
5. Repeat steps 3-4 in each area of the floor until the entire floor has been cleaned.
6. Note: For stubborn surface marks, dirt and shoe marks, use a moderately abrasive nylon pad or sponge moistened with IFT and scour area mannually until spot is removed. Follow with a clean water rinse on scrubbed area.
7. Always rinse the floor by damp mopping with clean water and a clean mop until the rinse water is clean or use tack towels with clean water.
8. Clean the floor again using Basic's Squeaky Cleaner, following the same cleaning procedures described above. Since Squeaky Cleaner does not leave a residue, no clean water rinse is needed after this step. The two cleaners are specifically formulated to remove different types of contaminants from the floor and may not be combined into a single treatment.

Important: If you need Product Specs and MSDS information before purchasing, they are available at, or call 800-441-1934 customer service line.

Review:   Squeaky laminate floor cleaner and IFT
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I just had laminate floors put down in the office in my home. Used a sample of the IFT and Squeaky on the floor that had been down a year. What a difference! Gets rid of the greasy film! Clean floors.
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