Armstrong Once n Done Floor Cleaner (Concentrate) 1/2 Gallon

Manufacturer: Armstrong
SKU: S-338

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Armstrong Once n Done Resilient & Ceramic Floor Cleaner (Concentrate)1/2 Gallon

Makes 32 Gallons

For regular cleaning of no-wax vinyl, ceramic, marble, granite, terrazzo, slate and stone floors.

- No rinsing required
- Leaves no dulling film or residue that can build up.
- Spray bottle used for spot cleaning and all over floor cleaning.
- Ready-to-use formula, no diluting. - Unique cleaner that keeps floors looking their best!

Residential Use For:
- No-wax vinyl
- Ceramic
- Marble and stone floors

Do Not Use For: Linoleum, hardwood or cork

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- Unique ready-to-use formula
- Trigger spray is pre-diluted for spot cleaning and bucket-less all-over floor cleaning
- No rinsing required
- Leaves no dulling, sticky film
- Will not hurt ceramic tile grout

Routine Cleaning: Turn nozzle to spray or stream. Spray liberally. Wipe dry. No rinsing required.

Tough Spots: Spray and let soak 2-3 minutes. Loosen dirt with sponge, cloth or non-abrasive pad. Wipe dry.

Household hint: If your floor has lost its original shine, clean with Armstrong Once 'n Done Floor Cleaner. Apply Armstrong Shinekeeper or Satinkeeper Floor Finish; then use Once 'n Done Floor Cleaner regularly. Do not use on hardwood, linoleum or cork floors.

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It is great value cleaner, makes 32 gallons of cleaner. It's amazing.
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