Mirage Hardwood Floor Cleaner (1L) - Biodegradable - New Look!

Manufacturer: Mirage

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Mirage Clean Hardwood Floor Cleaner,(1L) Spray Bottle - Biodegradable - New Look.
Shh... New Low Price.

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Ultra-effective cleaner:
How to Clean Mirage Hardwood Floors

1) Removes dust, grease, dirt, and other residues
2) Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
3) Non-slip formula
4) Delicate green apple fragrance

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You'll find a few easy maintenance tips below that will help you appreciate the beauty of your Mirage floor longer.

- Sweep or vacuum regularly so abrasive dirt won't scratch the finish.

- Wipe up any spilled liquid quickly from your floor.

- Watch out for high heels and some kinds of sports footwear, particularly if they're worn or damaged.

Note: Only water and sand are worse enemies of hardwood floors than high heel shoes. In fact, high heels can damage any floor covering-even cement.

Do not use a wet mop that can leave excess water behind.

Never use floor wax, oil-based detergent, or any other household cleaner on your floor. These products can damage the finish and leave a greasy film that makes your floor slippery, difficult to maintain, and impossible to refinish without deep sanding and complete revarnishing.

The size, the design and the color of the image may not reflect the actual product.

Important: If you need Product Specs and MSDS information before purchasing, they are available at www.miragefloors.com, or call 1-800-463-1303

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This is an excellent wood floor cleaning product. My floor looks beautiful afeter using it.
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