PolyCare Hardwood Floor Scuff Remover (8 oz.)

Manufacturer: Absolute Coatings, Inc.
SKU: 70128

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PolyCare Hardwood Floor Scuff Remover 8 oz. - The Original.
Shh... Low Price.


PolyCare Scuff Remover for wood floors is the safe effective way to remove scuff marks, rubber heel marks, grease, crayon and adhesives from polyurethane surfaces.

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  • Fresh Citrus scent
  • Formulated as a crème, for easy application which won’t spill or run.
  • Uses the latest all natural citrus technology for superior cleaning.
  • Will also remove adhesive and tape from many hard surfaces such as glass, ceramic and tile.


All types of unwaxed residential and commercial hardwood floors, cabinets, furniture, doors, railings, counters and woodwork.

  1. Always vacuum or sweep before cleaning your wood floor to pick up loose dirt and grit.
  2. Shake well before using.
  3. Apply to a clean dry lint free cloth.
  4. Wipe on the surface with light back and forth even strokes going with the grain.
  5. Wipe off with clean dry cloth
  6. If mark is still apparent—re-apply.
Important: Do not apply PolyCare Scuff Remover from the bottle directly to the wood surface. Excess liquid may be absorbed by the wood fibers and may damage or discolor the wood surface. PolyCare Scuff Remover has been formulated for use primarily on polyurethane coated surfaces, it is not recommended for use on wax impregnated or unfinished wood surfaces.

Important: If you need Product Specs and MSDS information before purchasing, they are available at www.lastnlast.com, or call 914-636-0700

Review:   Scuff remover
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This is the only product I have found that removes tough stains from my hardwood floors!

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