Squeak No More for Wood Floors Kit

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Squeak No More for Wood Floors Kit

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The tool and screws in the Squeeeeek No More Kit for Wood Floors allow you to fasten down wood floors to stop the squeaks and secure hollow spots. The key to the system is the specially scored screw. It starts at the tip with 8 threads per inch. One inch up it switches to 9 threads per inch. This pitch change draws the board down as the screw descends into the flooring.

The tooling stops the screw at the point where the score on the screw is safely below the wood. The head of the screw will snap off automatically in hardwoods or manually in softwoods. Then 2 inches of screw threads will remain in the floor.

The result is a securely fastened board with a #8 screw that looks like a counter-sunk trim nail.

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