Flexible Bendable Stainable Unfinished Overlap Reducer - Oak


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Flexible Bendable Stainable Unfinished Transition Overlap Reducer, 1/2"x3"x84", Oak Grain.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for order fulfillment plus ship time.

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Staining & Finishing Instruction:
1) If needed, open grain with 150 grit sand paper.
2) With cloth, apply oil based stain in desired color to flexible molding.
3) Gently wipe off excess stain with cloth.
4) Let stain dry for 15-20 minutes.
5) Install flexible molding. You can install flexible molding with Liquid Nails or construction adhesive.
6) After flexible molding is installed, then apply clear coat to flexible molding. Use a polyurethane based clear coat.

No track of any kind required for installation.
Please note: Flexible molding can be temperature sensitive product. If in cold climate, product may become hard. If so, set product in direct sun light or use a household hair dryer to warm product.

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