FireGuard® XL95 Flame Retardant for Wood 1G

Manufacturer: ForceField

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FireGuard® XL95 Flame Retardant for Wood 1 Gallon

When Safety and Time Matter!

· Effectively Retards Flames
· Class [A] Fire Retardant
· Safe to Use – Nonhazardous Formula
· Environmentally Friendly
· Perfect For Clear Finishes
· Easy to Apply
· For Use in Residential, multifamily, institutional, and commercial.

FireGuard XL95 is a revolutionary, Class [A] water-based, fire-retardant treatment that can be easily and safely applied to interior woodwork, wood paneling, and wood framing. This product has been successfully tested in accordance with and meets the standards established by ASTM E-84, NFPA 255, and UL 723.

Flame Spread Index = 60 Smoke Developed Index = 20

How & Why FireGuard Works
The key to FireGuard’s XL95 ability to retard flames is its organic ammonium salt formulation. When exposed to flames or intense heat, an acidic catalysis occurs resulting in the formation of an inert gas that blankets the surface. Because of this blanket, there is no oxygen available at the surface and flames cannot form.

FireGuard XL95 penetrates into the substrate (wood) and becomes part of the finish. The application can be applied by (spray, brush, or roll) at a coverage rate of 125 feet per gallon. For best results, apply to clean, dry surfaces. Apply one coat, allow to dry and apply 2nd coat.

Over-spray or spills can be easily cleaned with gentle detergent and water.

For more information, call Shield Industries, Inc. @ (800) 332-6327. MSDS

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