DURA SEAL Paste Wax Neutral for Hardwood Floors, 6 lbs

Manufacturer: Dura Seal
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DURA SEAL Paste Wax Neutral 6 lbs
for light Hardwood Floor surfaces.

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DURA SEAL™ Paste Wax is a special blend of five waxes that gives hardwood floors the hand-rubbed luster of fine furniture. This classic product protects and beautifies with minimal maintenance. Available in Neutral for light surfaces and Coffee Brown for dark surfaces.

New Floor Preparation:
1. Prepare floor according to NOFMA or NWFA approved methods.
2. Stain and seal with DURA SEAL™ Penetrating Wood Finish, DURA SEAL™ Fast Dry Wood Stain, or DURA SEAL™ 500 Penetrating Fast Dry Sealer, according to label directions.

Old Floor Preparation:
1. Clean flooring using DURA SEAL™ Renovator™ Cleaner and Reconditioner, according to label directions.

1. Place a small amount of DURA SEAL™ Paste Wax in the center of a piece of cheese cloth. Fold the cloth so the Paste Wax will not come in direct contact with the floor
2. Wipe floor with the cheese cloth in a circular motion applying light pressure to the cloth. This will force the DURA SEAL™ Paste Wax through the cloth onto the floor yielding a more even application. NOTE: Apply DURA SEAL™ Paste Wax in small enough areas so that the surface can be buffed before the wax has set and hardened, approximately five minutes.
3. After applying, buff each area to a soft sheen with a soft, dry cloth, weighted buffer or polisher.

Do not use on surfaces other than wood. Do not apply polyurethane over wax. Do not store in warm area.

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