White Oak Test Kit

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White Oak Test Kit

Is it white oak or some other species? Why guess when you can be sure! We created this kit to quickly and easily determine the presence of white oak.

You really have to use this test kit to appreciate it. Not a color match test. This is a species test only to determine the presence of white oak in the shavings that are tested. Follow the detailed directions carefully and you'll never have to wonder what you're dealing with again.

This is not a color-match test. This is a species test only, to determine the presence of white oak in the shavings that are tested. This test will not determine grades, as in select, #1 common, or #2, quarter sawn and/or first, second or third grade, etc. If you get a negative test result, that does not mean the wood is red oak; it could be another species. It's helpful if the person using this test is able to determine that this is an oak species that they are testing. In addition, there are floors on the market that are mixed species, where red and white oak are both present. These types of floors are most commonly pre-finished, parquets and shorts.

This test will not tell you how much natural color is in the wood. In some instances red oak will look more like white oak, and white oak will look more like red oak. So, when choosing the wood to match the existing floor, it is important to replace the boards with similar colored boards.

You should first try the test on known white oak and red oak wood shavings. You can then become familiar with the basic color and appearance of both.

We recommend testing on bare wood shavings. The test can be used on bare wood, but it will discolor the board, and the board should be disposed of. Also, the wicking action may distort the test results. We do not recommend using this method.

Do not test in areas of knots, mineral streaks, or in badly discolored areas. It's very important that the shavings are clean.

If temperature is below 50° F, warm liquids first by placing bottles in warm water.

There will be varying degrees of color reaction. Always test a separate board if there is a question on your test results.

Wash hands thoroughly after using.

Warranty is limited to purchase price of test kit only. No other warranty is given or implied.

Keep out of reach of children.

Toxic if swallowed. In case of contact, flush eyes or skin with water for at least 15 minutes.

Keep away from combustible material. Avoid direct heat.

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