Varathane Scratch Repair Pen for All Wood Surfaces (10ml)

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Varathane Scratch Repair Pen for All Wood Surfaces (10ml)

The Varathane Scratch Repair Pen provides a quick and easy way to repair minor chips and scratches on interior wooden surfaces. Varathane Scratch Repair Pen contains a clear durable coating that will fill minor chips and scratchs with an exceptional wear resistant water base semi-gloss finish. It is compatible with all finishes and sheens.

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1) Shake lightly before use.
2) Clean damaged area with soap and water. Let dry fully.
3) Remove cap and press down lightly and apply on the scratches of the wood surface. Fully cover the scratched area. Do not apply across the wood grain.
4) Quickly wipe off excess using a soft lint free cloth. Wiping off will help match sheens when applying to an existing Flat or Satin finished surface.
5) Replace cap tightly after each use.

Clean Up: For fast, easy clean-up use water.

The Varathane Promise: Varathane products are made with only the finest, quality ingredients, manufactured under the most exacting standards and tested thoroughly before shipping. Because of these standards, we firmly stand behind our products. If you are ever dissatisfied with this product, contact us at 1-800-635-3286 for either a product replacement or full refund.

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