Book: Patios & Walkways Idea Book - Outdoor kitchens, entertaining, lighting

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Creating Outdoor Living Spaces 4
Variations on a Patio 6
Walkways to and from the Home 12
Tying Places Together with Steps 18
Walls in the Landscape 24
Materials for Patios and Walkways 28

Chapter 2: Patios for Dining and Cooking 32
Family Dining 34
Dining under Cover 42
Outdoor Kitchens 48
Outdoor Entertaining 52

Chapter 3: Patios for Relaxing 62
Patios Connected to the House 64
Patios as Retreats 74

Chapter 4: Patios for Play 86
Patios around Pools 88
Patios for Sports and Recreation 100

Chapter 5: Front Entries and Driveways 108
Front Entry Areas 110
Driveways 126

Chapter 6: Moving Through the Landscape 130
Walkways 132
Steps 162

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Patios & Walkways Idea Book - Outdoor kitchens, entertaining, lighting and more

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During the past several years a long-simmering trend has become a bona fide craze: The All-American yard has been transformed from a dull maintenance hog into valuable living space. Homeowners everywhere -- in warm climates or cold -- are realizing that the outdoors can be just as much a part of their homes as the indoors. Moving activities from the house into the yard -- in effect, bringing some of the indoors outside -- is blurring the distinction between the two. Patios are at the forefront of this growing phenomenon and often top landscape-construction wish lists.

One driving force behind the resurgent interest in patios is the development of numerous and attractive building material options. Brick and concrete pavers have benefited from advances in manufacturing techniques and are produced in an almost endless array of patterns and colors. Many types and shapes of stone, with its timeless quality and unmatched durability, can be purchased at local masonry supply yards and garden centers. New preservative treatments have made rot-resistant, pressure-treated wood safer to use. And a new family of materials made with recycled products makes building in the environment safer -- for the environment.

One of the hallmarks of indoor living -- comfort -- also has found its way outside. Sitting on a patio should, and can, be every bit as comfortable as lounging in a living room. Recognizing the growing popularity of outdoor living, manufacturers are paying more attention to details, constructing more durable furniture, and creating styles that mimic indoor pieces. While cast iron and wood furniture still have their place, pieces made of lightweight extruded aluminum account for most of the outdoor furniture sold. In addition, colorful fabrics that can stand up to the elements now cover cushions and pillows.

More and more of the creature comforts that not too long ago were for indoor use only have found their way into backyards. Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and beverage coolers, stereo systems, and sophisticated lighting are now available for outdoor use. Perhaps the most telling example is the television. TVs built with all-weather construction that can stand up to rain, dirt, and extreme temperatures can now be used to create a patio TV room.

Patios & Walkways Idea Book introduces you to this new and improved world of outdoor living. With hundreds of photographs to inspire you and solid information to guide you through the planning process, Patios & Walkways Idea Book is an excellent companion and valuable resource, whether you're planning a small patio or a complete backyard makeover.

Patios and walks no longer consist of bland expanses of concrete or an unimaginative rectangle tacked onto the back of a house. Designs are elaborate and materials abundant. There's no better way to get a glimpse at how you can transform your landscape than with the inspiration in Patios & Walkways Idea Book. This book has it all, from front entries to back patios, pool decking to outdoor kitchens, paths through the woods to retaining walls and terracing close to the house. In addition to the wide-ranging examples of styles and materials, you'll find advice for all the practical concerns you have questions about.

About the author:
Peter Jeswald is a builder and designer in Massachusetts. His work includes residential projects, as well as medical facilities, a school renovation, retail stores, and restaurants. He is also the author of Basement Ideas That Work (published by The Taunton Press), How to Build Paths, Steps, and Footbridges, and Homework: Ten Steps to Foolproof Planning before Building.

192 pages, with 388 full-color photographs and 20 drawings
Published 2008
ISBN 978-1-56158-936-4
Product #070942

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