Book: Taunton's Family Home Idea Book

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Table of Contents
1. The New Family Zone
Gathering Places Getaway Places Outdoor Spaces Flexible Family Spaces New Family Spaces

2. Gathering Places
Living Spaces Kitchens Plus Dining Areas Family Play Spaces Home Entertainment

3. Getaway Places
Dens and Libraries Nooks Spaces for Passions Retreats

4. Outdoor Spaces
Transition Spaces Porches Decks and Patios Space for Play

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Family Home Idea Book

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Home, sweet home. That may seem like an archaic saying from yesteryear, but on further reflection we realize its a most contemporary expression of how we feel about the place we live. As our lives become increasingly frenzied -- jam-packed with work, school, and serious play -- we long to spend as much time at home as possible, cocooning with our families. And we want that home to be a haven for comfortable relaxation as well as a smooth-running machine.

The family home is no longer a series of formal rooms with rigid purposes, ruled by imperial parents. Today's home is a much more informal and versatile place than the one we grew up in, and certainly more kid-friendly (if not kid-obsessed).

Taunton's Family Home Idea Book was created to help you think about ways to design or renovate your home that speak to the needs of the whole family as well as its individual members. To assist in this brainstorming exercise, we've put together hundreds of photographs that showcase practical and imaginative design ideas for comfortable living and family fun.

This book presents a realm of possibilities for family spaces. A home is made up of both public and private areas: The open floor plan that is so popular presents many opportunities for the family to mingle, but we also need separate territory where we can spend time alone.

The first section of this book focuses on the gathering places in the home, the primary areas where we congregate -- living rooms, kitchens, dining areas, and play spaces for kids of all ages. The next section turns to getaway places -- the smaller, more private spaces, such as libraries and hobby rooms, or the private sanctuaries of bedrooms and bathrooms. This section also pays special attention to the nooks and crannies throughout the house that can be appropriated and reinvented as useful and appealing space. Of course, the outdoor rooms of the house make great family havens for open-air relaxation, so the last section of this book addresses porches, decks, patios, and outdoor play spaces.

In addition to the hundreds of photographs within these pages, there are numerous drawings and annotated floor plans that illustrate important concepts, such as making efficient use of existing space, establishing different zones within large spaces, and reviving outdated layouts. Sidebars throughout offer checklists for outfitting different family spaces, as well as suggestions for designing flexible spaces that adapt to the evolving needs of a family over time.

We hope this catalog of design ideas will inspire you as you make your house the home, sweet home you've always dreamed of.

Time spent at home is precious -- and more and more, families want their homes to allow for comfortable living, both inside ad out. Taunton's Family Home Idea Book focuses on spaces that work for all kinds of families. You'll find large rooms that invite everyone in to congregate, as well as smaller rooms that provide space for independent activities for different family members.

Authors Julie Stillman and Jane Gitlin bring a wealth of innovative ideas home, with more than 400 color photos, drawings, and sidebars designed to spark creative solutions to everyday, and constantly changing, needs in a family's home.

176 pages Published 2004
ISBN 978-1-56158-729-2
Product #070789

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