Book: Green from the Ground Up


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Table of Contents
1) Green Building Basics
Green Is No Longer on the Fringe Lots of Green, Few Common Standards Dealing with the World around Us

2) The House as a System
How Heat Is Transferred Thermal Transmission Controlling Heat Flow Air Leakage Air Barriers Airflow Mechanisms Tight Houses Need Ventilation The Many Faces of Water Controlling Sound Transmission Putting It All Together

3) Planning and Design
Get the Team on Board Siting a House for Comfort Planning for Water Management

4) Foundations
Foundations Should Be Insulated Forming Foundations with Wood Improving Concrete with Fly Ash Controlling Moisture around Foundations Make Crawl Spaces Generous

5) Framing
Advanced Framing Reduces Waste We Have Tree Farms, Not Forests Engineered Lumber Makes Sense Using Steel Studs with Recycled Content Structural Insulated Panels Are Fast Timber-Frame Construction

6) Roofs and Attics
Frame with Trusses Attic Ductwork Superinsulated Attics and Roofs Stopping Air Leaks at the Ceiling Sheathing and Roof Membranes Roofing Materials Light Colors Reduce Heat Gain Really Green Roofs

7) Windows and Doors
Window Frames Glazing Preventing Air and Water Leaks Insulating Windows Themselves Skylights and Light Tubes Doors

8) Plumbing
Distributing Hot Water Efficiently Water Heaters Eliminating the Wait for Hot Water Insulate All Hot Water Pipes Saving Water by Reducing Flow Plumbing for Gray Water Appliances That Save

9 Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning
Designing a System Forced-Air Systems Radiant Systems Heating Appliances Geothermal Systems Ventilation Cooling

10) Electrical
What Drives Demand? Lighting Lighting Design Energy-Efficient Appliances Electric Heating Solar and Wind

11) Insulation
Old Assumptions Don't Work Form Follows Function Making Sense of Insulation Choices Loose-Fill Insulation Spray-In Insulation Rigid Foam Radiant Barriers

12) Siding and Decking

Drainage Planes Siding Materials Decking

13) Solar Energy
Solar Hot Water Solar Collectors Active Solar Space Heating Photovoltaics

14) Indoor Air Quality
Setting Standards for Exposure Contaminants and Their Impact on Health Building Products That Off-Gas The Cure for Dirty Air

15) Interior Finishes
Choosing Environmentally Friendly Products Drywall Paints, Finishes, and Adhesives Interior Cabinets Countertops Green Flooring

16) Landscaping
Evaluate Site and Climate Working with What's There Integrated Pest Management

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Book: Green from the Ground Up

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Green construction is the building trend of the decade. In direct response to the growing demand for sustainable, healthy, and energy-efficient homes, David Johnston and Scott Gibson present the most forward-thinking theories and the best proven methods of new and remodeled green construction. They begin with down-to-earth explanations of green building basics and move on to site planning, materials selection, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality -- detailing along the way every step in design and construction, from framing to finishes. A must-have reference for contractors who want to remain competitive, Green from the Ground Up is also a remarkable resource for homeowners who require the clearest and most thorough green building information available.

[A refreshing and comprehensive step-by-step course in green building, packed with both solid building science and commonsense solutions.] -- Helen English, executive director of the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council

[Green from the Ground Up overflows with details and practical content that is hard to find anywhere else--an essential resource for any building professional that will be a valuable reference tool for years to come.] -- Brian Gitt, CEO of Build It Green

About the authors: David Johnston is a leader in the green building movement, transforming the way we think about the American home. His approach to green building has been embraced by building professionals, municipalities, homeowners, and sustainability advocates nationwide. He is the founder of and

Scott Gibson is a freelance writer and contributing editor to Fine Homebuilding magazine.

336 pages, with 296 full-color photographs and 60 illustrations
Published 2008
ISBN 978-1-56158-973-9
Product #070980

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