ForceField Tile Grout Sealant 32 oz - Interior & Exterior

Manufacturer: Shield Industries

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ForceField Tile Grout Sealant 32 oz
Professional Strength.

Force Field Out-Performs All Other Products in Their Class.
  • Protects Up to Two Years
  • Effective on Both Oil & Water
  • Water Based Formula
  • Will Not Change appearance
  • Easy to Apply
  • Covers Up to 250 Square Feet
  • No Mixing Ready to Use
ForceField® Grout Sealant provides superior protection for all grouted surfaces, floors, counters, bath and shower enclosures. Grout Sealant is a fluoropolymer based product that effectively creates a water-resistant barrier that prevents grouted surfaces from both oil and water-based staining.

ForceField® Grout Sealant can be used on all types and colors of grout.

It is non-toxic water-based formulation that is easy to apply and will not yellow or discolor. Protection last up to two years.

How & Why Grout Sealant Works
ForceField® Grout Sealant is made with a special polymer that prevents liquids from being absorbed into the protected surface. The micro thin polymer does not change the appearance or alter the feel of the treated surface.

Always make sure surfaces are clean, dry and free of loose debris, prior to application. ForceField® Grout Sealant can be applied using a narrow brush or roller. Apply generously; allow 20 – 30 minutes for Grout Sealant to penetrate. Fully cures in 24 hours. Excessive sealant should be removed from the surface gently, using a slightly damp cloth.

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