EZ Moves Felt Furniture Slides for Hard Surface Floors (2-5/8inx2-5/8in.) 4pc

Manufacturer: Simtec

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EZ Moves Felt Furniture Slides for Hard Surface Floors, Set of 4, 2-5/8in.x2-5/8in.

Move Furniture with Incredible Ease.

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EZ Moves® Square Hard Surface Furniture Slides™ allows one person to easily move heavy furniture and more across hard surface floors. No need for adhesive. The felt bottom base provides added protection for hard surface floors. The thick, dense foam conforms to any items placed on it. The felt bottom base glides on hard surface floors with ease. Remove and store after each use.

Squares measure 2-5/8 inch.

To Use:
Slightly tilt furniture and place an EZ Move (foam side up) under each corner or leg, then push or pull item to be moved. Make sure the floor is clean to prevent dirt or grit from damaging the floor finish.

When moving large objects, know your limitations, you may need assistance.

If you suffer from physical ailments, such as back problems, consult your physician before using this product.

Do not use on newly finished floors untill the floor has completely cured, approximately 4-6 weeks. Refer to floor manufacturers recommendations for compatibility.

To clean the felt on your hard surface furniture slides, use a vaccum cleaner to remove dirt and grit.

Do not use on rough concrete. This will cause damage to your EZ Moves. Liability not to exceed the cost of this product.

Solutions for All your furniture moving needs:
EZ Moves offers a wide variety of furniture moving products for the homeowner and professional. for more information, tips, suggestions and your feedback, please call 866-EZ Moves or visit: www.ezmoves.com
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