Bruce Touch-Up Kit TKU-700 - for Blending Hardwood Floor Scratches & Nicks

Manufacturer: Bruce
SKU: TKU-700

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Bruce Hardwood Floor Touch-Up Kit TKU-700 - for Blending Scratches & Nicks in Dura-Luster (Urethane) and Dura-Satin (Wax) Floors.

Teak, Kambala, Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Afzelia.

Kit Includes:
- 3 Filler Stick;
- 2 Touch-Up Markers;
- 1-1/2 oz. container Dura-Luster (Urethane);
- 1 Sanding Pad;
- 1 Set of Instructions;
- 1 Bruce information Card;

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Naturally beautiful and durable Bruce hardwood floors are built for a lifetime of beauty and wear; however, accidents can happen. The Bruce Touch-Up Kit allows you to repair most accidents and restore the original beauty to your Bruce hardwood floor quickly and easily. For successful repairs, keep the repair area as small as possible and the repair procedures simple.

1) Preparation
- Wipe damaged area with Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner (not included in this kit);
- Lightly abrade damaged area with sanding pad provided;
- Wipe again with Bruce Hardwood floor Cleaner;
Note: Deep scratches that cut into the wood may need to be sanded lightly with 100 grit sandpaper. Follow with 220 grit paper. (sandpaper not included in kit.)

2) Staining
- Apply stain, following direction on the Touch-Up Marker;
- Start with the lighter color, then progress to the darker color in the kit if necessary;
- Wipe excess using a clean (dry or damp) cloth;
- For some colors, several applications of color may be necessary to acchieve desired results;
- Allow stain to dry thoroughly;

3) Apply Urethane
- Apply a light, even coat, using the brush in the bottle or a soft cloth;
- Allow to dry thirty minutes, then apply second coat;
- Allow sencond coat to dry for a minimum of four hours;
- Abrade lightly with sanding pad and wipe clean;
- Apply third coat, allow to dry thirty minutes;
- Apply fourth and final coat;
- Allow to dry overnight;
Note: If coats one and three dry longer than four hours, abrade lightly with the sand pad, and wipe clean before applying next coat of Bruce Dura-Luster (Urethane)

4) Filler
The Filler Stick can easily touch up nicks, chips and small scratches on Dura-Luster (Urethane) products.
- Fill gouge or crack with Filler Stick.
- Clean area thoroughly with Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner;
- Abrade with sanding pad and clean again.

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