Squeak No More Scored Screws - 50 Pack - Squeeeeek No More Screws

Manufacturer: O'Berry Enterprises

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Squeak No More Scored Screws - 50 Pack
(Squeeeeek No More Screws)
This package contains 50 #3251 Scored Screws for use with Squeak No More Kit.

This Squeak No More Screws is not available in most local Home Depot or Lowes stores.

These screws are designed to be used with the Squeeeeek No More kit. They are scored one inch from the head and coated with a special wax that allows the screw to safely pass through the carpet.

Easy As 1-2-3:
1) Locate squeak, then push the Alignment & Depth Control Fixture firmly into the carpet.
2) Insert screw onto Driver Bit and guide the screw into the Barrel of the Fixture. Drive the screw to the stop with the Driver Bit.
3) Slip the Scew Gripper over the screw head and rock the fixture left to right, snapping the head off.

Caution: Use no substitutes. Regular multipurpose screws will not snap off correctly and can damage carpet/floor or injure user.

Made in USA

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Review:   Squeak no more
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We were looking for something like this for years... thought we'd have to rip up the carpeting but it performed just as the video showed. Now we need more screws since we're fixing squeaks at everyone's houses!Found the kit at Ace after going to several big chain stores and they didn't have it. Just wish they carried additional screws in the store.

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