BioDegradable Natural Latex Gloves - 100 Disposable Gloves (Large)

Manufacturer: Hand Care
Model: 107

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BioDegradable Natural Latex Gloves - 100 Disposable Gloves (Large)
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Natural Latex is harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree; is Renewable Resource; leave No Carbon Footprint; contain No Petrochemicals;

Ideal For:
Diluting Concetrate, Gardening, Car Care, Cleaning, Painting.

Use Disposable Gloves to:
  • Stay Dry - House Cleaning, Painting, Gardening;
  • Stay Safe - Preparing Raw Chicken, Meat, Fish;
  • Stay Clean - Office Machines, Print Cartridges, Coloring Hair;
  • Stay Odor Free - Handling Garlic, Onion, Hot Peppers, Seafood;
  • Stay Hygienic - For Bathroom, Nursery, Individual Care;
  • Stay Sanitary - Clean Litter Box, Aquarium, Kennel, Bird Cage;
Disposable in municipal landfill or as compost.

Gloves contain processed rubber (latex) which may cause a serious allergic reation in some individuals. Persons with known sensitivity should avoid contact. NOT FOR MEDICAL USE.

Weight: 1lb 8oz

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