M&Y Microfiber Floor Mop Kit with (4x15) Swivel Mop Base

Manufacturer: M&Y

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M&Y Microfiber Floor Mop Kit with 4pc Floor Mop Pads and 4in.x15in. Swivel Mop Head. Our Best Seller

Incredible Value Pack!

The Microfiber Mop Kit Includes:
1 aluminum floor mop pole.
1 plasitc floor mop haed 4in.x15in. with loop-n-hook.
2 pieces of dry/damp microfiber floor mop pads (green).
2 pieces of wet/damp microfiber floor mop pads (blue).

Notice: High temperature steam mops are not recommended for use on hardwood floors by the National Wood Flooring Association!

- Light weight: less than 1 pound.
- Aluminum pole (stronger than plastic).
- The pole and mop head can be extended to approx. 54 inches long.
- The pole also can be contracted back to a much shorter length to fit in storage.
- Easy assembly (twisting clockwise to tighten and twisting counter clockwise to loosen the telescope mop pole).
- 360 degree swivel mop head makes it easy to reach corners and narrow areas.
- 2 different types of microfiber mops allow to dry or wet clean your floor.
- The microfiber mop pads can be washed hundreds of times. That is money-saving and environmentally friendly.
- The 4in.x15in. mop head is one of the most popular mop heads, so it is easy to find compatible mop pads.
- The mop base has loop-and-hook mechanism attaching to microfiber mop pad.
- The 4 holes on back of the mop head are designed for regular microfiber clothes. Please refer to M&Y microfiber cloth 15in.x15in.
- Ideal for many finished hard surfaces including hardwood floors, laminate floors, ceramic tiles, vinyl floors and natural stone tiles.
- For use on finished floor surfaces only.

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