M&Y Flooring Microfiber, Refillable Spray Mop Kit

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Price: $25.99

Plus 2 Free Microfiber Dust Mop Pads
($12 retail value, while supplies last.)

M&Y Hard Surface Flooring Microfiber Spray Mop Kit with 4in.x15in. Mop Head and Refillable Cartridge (24fl.oz.)
Our Best Seller.

  • No expensive batteries needed
  • No expensive disposable mop pads needed
  • No expensive special replacement cartridges or bottles needed
The cartridge can be repeatedly filled with 18fl.oz. of any ready-to-use floor cleaner or purified/distilled water. To avoid clogging the spray nozzle, do not use soapy, concentrate cleaners, or tap water. Do not fill more than 2/3 of the solution tank.

With M&Y Microfiber Spray Mop, cleaning your hard surface flooring is easy, money-saving and time-saving. Just spray clean.

This Spray Mop Kit Includes:
1 3-piece aluminum foor mop pole.
1 plastic refillable spray mop cartridge.
1 plastic floor mop head with velcro.
2 microfiber floor mop (4in.x15in.) pads.
(cleaning solution is excluded. The spray mop will be shipped as assembled & tested.)

Notice: High temperature steam mops are not recommended for use on hardwood floors by the National Wood Flooring Association!

- The attached 24fl.oz. cartridge frees your hand from holding a spray cleaner bottle. Just pull the trigger and spray clean your floor.
- Light weight: less than 2 pounds.
- More than one hundred sprays with a single refill.
- The aluminum pole is more durable than plastic poles.
- The pole and mop head can be extended to approx. 52 inches long.
- Strong, ergonomic design.
- Easy assembly. Simply follow the instructions included in the box, or follow the picture assembly guide (links above).
- 360 degree swivel mop head makes it easy to reach corners and narrow areas.
- The mop base has loop-and-hook mechanism attaching to microfiber mop pad.
- The microfiber spray floor mop pads can be washed hundreds of times. That is money-saving and environmentally friendly.
- The Microfiber Spray Floor Mop Pad is lint-free, streak-free and super absorbent.
- The 4in.x15in. spray mop head is one of the most popular mop heads, so it is easy to find compatible mop pads.
- The 4 navy blue color holes on back of the mop head are designed for regular microfiber clothes. Please refer to M&Y microfiber cloth 15in.x15in.
- Ideal for many hard surfaces including hardwood floors, laminate floors, ceramic tiles, vinyl floors and natural stone tiles.
- The spray mop is recommended for use on finished hard surfaces, such as hardwood floor, cork floor, laminate floor, ceramic/porcelain tile floor, granit/marble floor, vinyl floor and many other finished flooring.

The following is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied: Seller’s and manufacturer’s only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss of damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of or the inability to use the product. Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of the product for the intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. The foregoing may not be altered except by an agreement signed by officers of seller and manufacturer.

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