Basic Coatings TYKOTE Dustfree/DustLess Recoat Bonding Agent (1G)

Manufacturer: Basic Coatings
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Basic Coatings TYKOTE DustFree/DustLess Recoat Bonding Agent, 1 Gallon


Product Type: Professional

COVERAGE: 2,500- 4,000 sqft per gallon, depending on conditions

TyKote is a revolutionary way to prepare commercial, residential, and sports wood floors for recoating. All dust, mess, and equipment associated with screening are eliminated when using TyKote. Applied in a liquid state, TyKote acts as an intermediate bonding layer between the existing floor and the new topcoat.

Note: Do not use over any paste wax surfaces. If unsure, always prepare a test patch to determine potential adhesion. TyKote is recommended for recoat applications only.

1. To prepare the floor for the cleaning process, remove all caked mud, chewing gum, and other debris from the floor. Vacuum the dirt from the floor. Pay special attention to corners.
2. Clean floor with Basic’s Intensive Floor Treatment(IFT) according to label instructions. Multiple cleanings may be necessary. Be sure floor is entirely free of dirt, oil, and other residue. Depending on the condition of the floor, it may be necessary to repeat this step more than once.
3. Clean the floor again with Basic’s Squeaky Cleaner according to label instructions. Squeaky Cleaner does not leave a residue.
4. Allow floor to dry completely before applying TyKote. Box fans may be used to speed up the drying process.
5. Rinse clean sponge mop in clean water. Wring out until damp.
6. Shake TyKote gently before use. Apply a small amount of TyKote to an area of the floor and use sponge mop to spread it in a thin, uniform layer. For large floors, pour TyKote into a clean, dry mop bucket. Soak a new, lint-free rayon mop in TyKote and wring out. Work around the floor until all areas have been coated. Be sure that every area of the floor intended for recoat is coated with TyKote. Any missed spots may result in poor adhesion to topcoat. The floor should have a wet appearance but there should be no puddles.
7. Allow to dry approximately one hour with good ventilation and air movement across the floor. If there are areas where the TyKote has not dried, wipe the area with a clean, water-dampened rag. Do not exceed six hours before applying the topcoat or TyKote may lose effectiveness. If the six-hour window is surpassed, tack the floor with Squeaky Cleaner to remove any airborne dust before applying TyKote.
8. Apply the Basic water-based topcoat of your choice according to label instructions.

Refer to “Basic’s TyKote Dustless Recoating System” brochure for complete application instructions prior to using the system.

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