Basic Coatings StreetShoe 275 Waterbased Wood Floor Finish, GLOSS, 1G

Manufacturer: Basic Coatings
SKU: B1652-4312

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Basic Coatings StreetShoe 275 Waterbased Wood Floor Finish with XL Catalyst, Gloss, 1 Gallon

Product Type: Professional.

COVERAGE: Approximately 550-700 square feet per gallon, depending on conditions.

MFMA Approved

StreetShoe is the toughest and most chemical resistant finish on the market. This fast curing formula allows for quicker access to the floor. Only Basic Coatings offers a waterbased finish in four sheens that can be applied in all environments — commercial, sports and residential.

StreetShoe adds beauty and protection to any environment, and its UV inhibitor minimizes sunlight-related color changes. StreetShoe’s two-component formula offers the durability and performance needed for commercial, residential and sports floors.

StreetShoe is perfect for commercial facilities because of its fast cure times and durable properties. A coat of finish can be applied at night, and traffic can resume the next day.

- Fastest cure available; 90% cured in 24 hours
- Low VOC and low odor
- No waste; can be recatalyzed
- UV Inhibitor minimizes sunlight-related color changes
- Superior scratch and scuff resistant
- Four sheens (super matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss)

“We switched from using oil to StreetShoe over four years ago. The predictability, consistency and the look when cured can’t be beat. When doing commercial work, I exclusively use StreetShoe due to the durability and the fact that I can complete the job and have them back open the next day. My customers are always satisfi ed with the look and performance of StreetShoe.”
Dean Hultman, Hultman Flooring, Porter, IN

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Raymond Yu
Review:   Satin not so much
by on

I've been a decorative artist for better than 25 years. I used Street Shoe years ago when it first came on the market. It was easy to apply and didn't yellow painted designs, but was so high gloss, it ruined the patina of a painted floor. I began to use the Bona products and was very satisfied. I just lately needed to recover a floor I painted years ago that had become worn, but was unable to find the Bona product I usually use. Street Shoe was available. It had been so many years since I had used it, I assumed that the company had improved the level of gloss by now. Wrong. I purchased the Satin gloss expecting at least something close to a satin finish and what I got was somewhere between a semi gloss and high gloss. Not a natural look at all. Looks like a shiny plastic finish. It may be a durable finish, but aesthetically it's substandard. Not up to par with other products on the market today.
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