Bostik Ultimate Adhesive Remover Towels (Adhesive Cleaner)

Manufacturer: Bostik
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Bostik Ultimate Adhesive Remover Towels (Adhesive Cleaner)
Contains 60 pre-wet towels. Low Odor.

Specially Formulated to Remove wet and cured urethane adhesive from the surface of pre-finished (non-wax) wood flooring and tools.

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Directions for Use:
1) Open lid and pull out towels.
2) Rub area of the floor that has cured or wet adhesive using a pre-soaked towel.
3) If adhesive has cured for more than 2 days, lay a towel over cured adhesive and let it stand for approximately 5 minutes. Wipe area clean with a fresh towel. Note: Do not allow excess remover to drip between floor boards.
4) Wipe entire area cleaned with Ultimate Urethane Remover using a clean, water-dampened cloth.

Ultimate Urethane Remover is non-flammable.

This product contains the following chemicals which are reportable under Federal OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, and NJ and PA Right to Know regulations: Dimethyl Adipate (627-93-0); Dimethyl Glutarate (1119-40-0)
May cause eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wear protective clothing when handling. Use with adequate ventilation.

California Prop 65 listed chemicals: None.
Refer to Material Safty Data Sheet for all hazardous information pertaining to this product.

Keep Out of Reach of Children.
In case of emergency, call 1-800-227-0332
Bostik: 978-777-0100

Raymond Yu
Review:   Bostik's adhesive remover towels
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These are fabulous for removing flooring adhesive from wood floors. Lightly wipe or rub and it comes off cleanly. Also good for black marks and tar.
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