Hardwood Floor Protector for Recliner: Slipstick Gripper (Black, CB380)

Manufacturer: Slipstick
Model: CB380

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Slipstick Gripper - Recliner Floor Protector, Set of 4 (Black Color, CB380)

Protect Your Hardwood Floors!

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The Patented Slipstick large recliner foot is designed to clip onto recliner feet 38mm (1-1/5 in.) in diameter. It contains an O-ring specially formulated to protect hard floor surfaces and stop furniture from moving.

Provides Maximum Grip
Ultimate Protection
5-year Warranty

- Protects hardwood, laminate floors and ceramic tile floors
- Stops recliner chairs moving
- Clips onto 38mm (1-1/2 in.) diameter feet

Ideal for:
- Wynpro Recliner Mechanisms
- Hardwood floors
- Laminate floors
- Tiles
- Parquet
- Slate

Caution: Indentations occur in cushion vinyl and soft wood floors. Check periodically for wear.

Australian Owned and Designed

The size, the design and the color of the image may not reflect the actual product.

For more information,
call 1-866-200-3245 or
visit www.slipstick.com.au

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