Mirage Clean Concentrated Hardwood Floor Cleaner (1L)

Manufacturer: Mirage

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4 - more unit(s)$21.99 ea.

Mirage Clean Concentrated Hardwood Floor Cleaner (1L)
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Makes 4 bottles (1L) of Mirage Cleaner

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Quick and Easy to Use:
Specially formulated for maintaining your polyurethane hardwood floor finish, Mirage Clean products are quick and easy to use, require no rinsing, are non-abrasive and leave no detergent residue.

Preparation: Mix one(1) part of concentrated hardwood cleaner and four(4) parts of water. Then refill the Mirage Hardwood floor cleaner spray bottle.

Note: Never pour cleaner or any other liquid directly onto floor surface to avoid infiltration and wood fiber damage.

Caution: Use under well-ventilated conditions. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing and wash hands thoroghly after handling. Keep out of reach of children.

The size, the design and the color of the image may not reflect the actual product.

Important: If you need Product Specs and MSDS information before purchasing, they are available at www.miragefloors.com, or call 1-800-463-1303

Made in Canada

Review:   Mirage floor cleaner
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I have tried other hardwood cleaners on my Mirage floor, but this Mirage Cleaner is absolutely the BEST!
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